Dear Ascent Church Family

Colorado Governor Polis issued a stay at home order for our entire state until April 11th. This is for all non-essential activity and businesses.

Here is a list of what that means for all of us:…/73-2004517c-d3ef-46a9-8d11-6d13c1b5…

Here is what it says about places of worship…

Faith-based establishments and house of worship (can remain open); however, they are encouraged to live-stream services and encourage smaller congregations.

Ascent will continue to operate remotely (office staff working from home) Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 3:30pm for preparations for online weekend services, prayer and care for those in need - and to field requests and responses for our local partnerships with Tri-Lakes Cares ( and COSILOVEYOU (, as we reach out to the community.

Tim Beichley ( is heading up our volunteer efforts, along with elder Parker Lohrenz, our COSILOVEYOU church captain and Malia Clemons in our church office ( Please reach out to Tim or Malia if you are able to help in any way - or you can click on the "I Want To Help" button on our homepage (

Because faith-based institutions are able to remain open to serve the church family and community, I am for the most part working from the office, while also working from home from time to time. Most of our staff has chosen (wisely) to work from home. Please call my cell 615-300-0346 if there is an emergency, pastoral need, prayer need, etc.

It is our desire to look for the safest ways to protect our
Ascent people while at the same time looking for ways to continue to care and minister to the souls and lives of those God has entrusted to us.

If you have a need or prayer request, please text ASKING4PRAYER to 97000 or click "I Would Like Prayer" on our website homepage (

The Ascent elders and staff teams love you and are praying for you!

We will see you online this Sunday morning at 10AM - and we are doing everything we can do have a more reliable online worship service experience than we did last Sunday. Thank you for your grace!


Pastor Brian Petak