Climbing Together

What is Missional Living?

We hear the word “missional” a lot these days. It’s been defined so many ways by so many people – what does it really mean? Missional living is not complicated, but for many of us, it does involve a paradigm shift.  

5 Ways to Live on Mission in Your Neighborhood

Living on mission isn’t very complicated – it really just means living intentionally like a missionary – with the Gospel at the center of how we live.

Jesus' Mission - Making Disciples

Recently, I had a conversation with my boys at bedtime about Jesus' mission - and of course I was struck by the fact that these four young men are who I'm called to first, if I'm going to follow Jesus' on His mission.  This has me thinking a lot about how Jesus did what He did, how He lived, how He connected with and loved people, how He made disciples.


I felt a tug at my pant leg and the familiar voice of one of my sons asking me a question.  Since I didn’t actually hear the whole question, I had to ask him to repeat it. That’s when my wife, Heidi, calmly chimed in with “Honey, he’s been trying to get your attention for 2 minutes.” Ouch. Guilty.


“God has initiated every part of His work throughout history. Instead of carrying out His mission on His own, God chooses to accomplish His mission in a very personal way.

The Power of Your Story

By the end last night, we were all pretty emotionally wiped. But we were also celebrating. God’s grace, His love, His mercy, His pursuit – and the power of the Gospel to transform lives.

Gospel Listening

This past year, we began taking our Base Camp leaders through The Gospel Primer to see how this material helps us better understand the Gospel, and contextualize it in every day life. It’s been an eye-opening process for all of us.

Gospel Identity

I have a fishing pole and tackle box – I even own a pair of waders. But I am not a fisherman. I am a dad of four boys who wants to do dad things with sons – and fishing every now and then is one of them.