The Power of Your Story

By the end last night, we were all pretty emotionally wiped. But we were also celebrating. God’s grace, His love, His mercy, His pursuit – and the power of the Gospel to transform lives.

We had just spent the evening listening to a number of people in one of our Base Camps share their own personal story in the context of God’s greater story. And to say it was a powerful experience - we’d all agree would be an understatement.

The power of story

One whose identity has been significantly shaped by a tragic childhood accident, but is now experiencing freedom from what others think or say.

One who has spent years working on overcoming a judgmental spirit and is learning to live in the grace that comes from the finished work of Christ.

One who tragically lost a newborn baby after only a few short days, and today is walking with others through their own grief and healing process.

One who struggles with sadness at not experiencing full reconciliation with a parent this side of Heaven, but is recognizing that Jesus can heal any wound.

We’re walking together in a process of shaping our personal story, knowing that our “identity” – who we believe ourselves to be - is shaped by the dominant story in our life. Each of us has been challenged to write out our story and share it with each other – with the hope and prayer that we will each be able to share it with a not-yet-believer.

The Gospel Shapes our Stories

Everyone has a story. And the gospel shapes every one of our stories. As Caesar Kalinowski says in this helpful resource, the Bible “is not a collection of unrelated moralistic tales, nor is it a history lesson. The Bible tells a living and active story that is STILL happening, and we are part of the adventure!”

At The Ascent, we’ve talked a lot about God’s greater story found in the Bible – Creation, Fall, Redemption, Recreation. You can read more about it here. The Gospel is the most important part of God’s story.

I’d encourage you to work through the process of writing out your story – in the context of God’s greater story and the gospel. Let me know, and I’d be glad to send you some “tips” for telling your story effectively.

If you’d be interested in being a part of a Base Camp, contact me – I’d love to walk through what that might look like for you.

You have a powerful story. One that has been marked by the power of the Gospel to transform a life. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Brian Petak