I recently read this quote from Henry Blackaby as I was preparing a talk an upcoming mission trip. It applies to every single one of us – right here where we live, work and play:

“God has initiated every part of His work throughout history. Instead of carrying out His mission on His own, God chooses to accomplish His mission in a very personal way.

He chooses to involve His people with Him, working through them to accomplish His purposes. When He is about to take a further step to advance His mission, He comes to one or more of His servants…

 He lets them know what He is about to do. He invites them to join Him, asking them to adjust their lives to Him so He can accomplish every aspect of His mission through them.”

Isn’t this amazing?! He’s powerful enough to do what He wants without us! But what an incredible privilege to be used by God – to accomplish every aspect of His mission… Which has always been to bring glory to Himself in building His Church worldwide, as He uses His disciples to make disciples.

He’s initiated His work – and He will accomplish it. How is God inviting YOU to join Him? Where is He at work around you – and how might He be calling you to adjust your life to be involved in what He wants to do through you?

Let’s keep our eyes and ears open with greater gospel intentionality to recognize how we might be able to be used by Him. Listening to patterns of God’s greater story in someone else’s story…  Being a good neighbor… Sharing a meal with a seeker friend…