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"Seeing God’s story in the stories we tell today will be a way for us to deepen our own understanding of and joy in the gospel we believe." - Tim Keller 

We just spent 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting as a church, seeking the face of God for ourselves, our families, our church. We know this was a significant season of prayer and dependence for many who engaged this opportunity to hear from God, possibly on a deeper level that usual.

We want to hear from you.

We want to hear your 21 Days Story. Share it HERE.

What did God say to you during this time of prayer and fasting? Is there something that God showed you personally that you would feel comfortable sharing?

Is there a thought, a scripture, a quote or a specific devotional that spoke to you?

Pastor Rusty went basically without carbs for the entire 21 Days, as he shared in his Easter sermon. One of my sons fasted from Spotify the entire time (and that's hard for a teenager!). For me personally, I felt like the Lord was asking me to go without food for certain periods of time during this 21 Days. During those times, I only drank water and juice. There were, I believe, about 10 full days during the 21 Days that I went without food, with the longest stretch 5 consecutive days. Then there were a number of additional days where I only ate one meal. 

What the Lord showed me during this time were (at least) two things:

  1. I don't need food as much as I think I do. I thought some of the fasting days would be harder than they were. And yes, some of the days (or parts of days) were harder than others. But because I was seeking God in prayer much of the time, I believe He sustained me and showed me that He'd be my sustenance in those times. And He was. And I survived! The 5 day stretch honestly seemed like something supernatural - by far the longest I'd ever fasted. And it was truly a sweet time when the Lord gave me the freedom to break my fast over a meal with my five Whole-hearted Disciple Cohort guys at the beginning of a recent cohort retreat
  2. I often place more importance in food than I do in God. I will admit - I love to eat. And there are certain foods I love to eat a LOT. I have certain comfort foods I go to when I'm tired, sad, bored... And sometimes, I'll admit, I just eat to eat - not necessarily because I need to. But as I fasted, the Lord showed me that sometimes, my craving for these foods (potato chips, pizza, etc) is more insatiable than my craving for God's Word or for time alone with Him. Now, that's convicting. My hope coming out of this season of fasting is that I'll take what I've learned and apply it daily - seeking HIM more than I seek other things, whatever they may be.

He showed me many more things - especially in His Word - during this time, but these are two of the primary things He showed me, especially related to fasting and dependence.

What did He show you? Please let us know.

We believe God is really at work here at The Ascent Church. So many people are finding community and finding life in Christ here. It's so encouraging! If you're one of them, we'd like to know so that we can celebrate with you - and know specifically what to pray for as well. 

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Belonging. Becoming.

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We mentioned, in a number of the devotionals, the prayer requests for LaNell Stovall (wife of Ascent elder, Chuck Stovall), who was recently diagnosed with a return of her cancer, which has spread to many parts of her body, including a brain tumor. If you'd like to follow her Caring Bridge site for ongoing updates and how you can be praying, click HERE.