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  • $30,000 Goal
  • $45,000 Goal
  • $60,000 Goal

Updated 12/31/21

What is Global Christmas?

What if we put a few less gifts under our Christmas tree this year and invested those dollars into God’s economy around the world?

Every December, it is our privilege at Ascent Church to take a few weeks and place special emphasis on what God is doing around the world, through our Global Partnerships and supported missionaries. We call this season Global Christmas. It is a reminder for us to look beyond ourselves and embrace the work our partners are doing as they embrace hurting people who need the good news of Jesus Christ.

There are more needs around the world than we could ever hope to meet – but we are committed to building relationships intentionally with a few partnerships, which allows us to be very strategic with our focus. We build long-term relationships that give us the opportunity to go deep and dream big with them, investing both our financial resources and our people, to help them accomplish their God-given mission. 

Your giving makes a difference!

These partners are doing incredible things, and we get the chance to come alongside and join them in kingdom work. Because of the generosity of your prayers, finances and sending global teams, we have helped to resource and train leaders, educate and feed children, plant and grow churches and so much more. 

We invite you to join us and participate in what God is doing around the world…

Look around below and see specifically where your generosity will be invested into our Global Partnerships in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Germany. This is some exciting stuff!


Steffen Weil – Lead Pastor, Mittendrin (church plant), Potsdam, Germany

Steffen Weil
30k GOAL

Salary stipends for support staff – $6,000

Monthly financial support for support staff for the family ministry

45k GOAL

Salary stipend for Steffen – $10,800.00

Monthly financial support for Weil family

60k GOAL

Salary stipends for leadership & support staff – $8,400.00

Part-time salary worship coordinator – $2,550.00

Monthly financial support for part-time salary worship coordinator

Rent for office space – $6,000.00

Monthly financial support to assist rent of office space & counselling centre

Teens ministry “Kraftwerk” – $3,000.00

One time gift to support a growing

Teens-minstry Events family ministry – $2,000.00

One time gift to support different family ministry events (indoor playground, kids camps…)

Outreach Event – $2,500.00

One time gift to help cover some expenses of a city-wide outreach event

Administrative staff for City-to-City work – $3,000.00

One time gift to help cover the salary of administrative staff for the City-to-

City work Church planting trainees – $2,000.00

One time gift to help cover the expenses to train new church planters for East Germany


Partner Church/ROTOM/Compassion Intl, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Elders
30k GOAL

Salary for four evangelists – $5,000

Shortage of full-time evangelists is existing especially in the outreach churches.

Supply beddings for Older Persons in need – 4,500

Mattress, bed frame, blanket, bed sheets for 25 seniors

Communal water storage tanks – $2,750

Insure Older Persons have at least 2 Meals a day – $1,650

25 seniors for 1 Month

Build latrines – $752

For Older Persons that do not have a latrine



45k GOAL

 Repair Older Persons houses – 10,000

10 houses

60k GOAL

Build and/or renovate church and church plant offices – 10,000

Many of the outreach churches are in tents and in individuals homes and not at ease for worship and also when the number of the members increased shortage of worshiping place and offices for Sunday schools, children and youth ministries will be followed. 

Acquiring land – 25,000

For the senior center and development building designs phase one of the center


One Challenge, International (OCI)

Nedson Shoko, ZIMNET Director

30k GOAL

National Pastors’ Basket: Monthly Food Basket – $7,200

Provide food aid to identified needy pastors’ families (120 families for 3 months)

National Pastors’ Basket: Envisioning and Business Training Workshops – $2,849

Content development, stationary and printing, facilitation allowances, venues, accommodation, refreshments and transport reimbursements (7 months)

Seed Capital – $2,100

Startup capital for income generating projects (7 months)

Adminstration – $1,800



45k GOAL

National Pastors’ Basket: Monthly Food Basket – $14,400

Provide food aid to identified needy pastors’ families (120 families for 6 months)

60k GOAL

National Pastors’ Basket: Monthly Food Basket – $28,800

Provide food aid to identified needy pastors’ families (120 families for 12 months)

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Our global priorities are based on the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and Jesus’ words in Acts 1:8. We seek to accomplish these priorities by coming alongside strategic global partnerships and select missionaries that facilitate church planting, leader development and community transformation – primarily through the local church – in some of the most spiritually needy places in the world. We are committed to what we call “The 4 C’s” to make decisions regarding allocation of resources and people.