Short-term Missions

The life we have in Christ is a journey. It is not a destination, or an experience. It is not a trip.

From the day we are born God knows us intimately. He created us for purposes that He alone prepares in advance for us to do.

As we look at the journey of our Life in Christ, one of the blessings He has given us is to be a part of His Kingdom work. Whether that is here or across the ocean, we are called to be His witnesses, and are commanded to go and make disciples.

At Ascent we have been blessed as a church to be a part of what God is doing around the world. Through His spirit within us, we pray, we send, we go. It is a Divine Sending. God uses these opportunities to draw us into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. When we begin to see that He is truly a God of all Nations, our lives will never the same again. It is indeed a Journey!

Our "4 C's" guide our partnerships, helping us decide with whom we will partner, and how we will get involved. Whether it is through Church Empowerment, Community Transformation, Children at Risk or Crisis Response, our short-term mission journeys follow the same pathway to experiencing God's heartbeat for the people of the world.

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2020 Short Term Missions opportunities