Ascent’s Re-Gathering Plan

Phase 4: Ascent Kids Re-Opened Sunday, August 23!
It is our greatest desire to provide a safe and joyful experience whenever you worship at Ascent. We’re so glad to now be able to worship together in person (since June 21) and then re-opened Ascent kids (birth through 5th grade) August 23! Please see our plan below as we are now taking necessary precautions to safely worship together as a church family.

We have prayerfully met as an Elder team, having taken in all of the communication from local & state government, public health officials and other local churches and pastors, to formulate our strategy for re-opening Ascent Church in a way that

  • honors God, 
  • provides the best experience for our church family 
  • and does our best at reducing the health risk’s associated with COVID-19.

Four guiding principles for our decisions in each phase are:

• Care well for our body
• Stay in step with our community
• Wait to gather until we’re ready
• Love one another (people are going to think and feel different things) and show GRACE

We are so glad to be together again as a church family (since June 21) Sundays at 10am, and now have re-opened Ascent Kids (birth through 5th grade) Sunday, August 23! 
  • For our worship services, we no longer need an RSVP or registration. But we do need a registration for Ascent Kids (since August 23) so we know how best to plan.
  • Goodie bags and fun activities for kids each week! (for those who aren’t attending Ascent Kids upstairs)
  • Stay tuned to our website, social media and email for more details to follow
Re-Gathering Plan
Check out our 4-Phase Re-Gathering Plan here and below.
Church Online Platform, Facebook & YouTube
We know not everyone will be able to attend our worship services and now that we have the technology to broadcast church online, we’ll always be providing our worship services on all three platforms: Church Online Platform, Facebook & YouTube.
Here are some highlights of our plan:
  • We have sanitized the facility from top to bottom in anticipation of your return and will do so before and after each service.
  • We will not be serving any food or coffee.
  • All doors will be propped open to minimize contact with surfaces.
  • We will do church “family style” with all kids and youth joining the adults in the auditorium – and we’ll have activities and goodie bags for our kiddos (who aren’t in Ascent Kids upstairs) to have fun with.  We love kids at Ascent and YES we really want them to be a part of our services.
  • Student Director Gabe Awbrey & his team are up and running with Ascent Student Ministries activities weekly for our middle and high schoolers – check the ASM page for details.
  • Everyone who is considered vulnerable is encouraged to continue to enjoy the live stream service at 10am on our three platforms: Church Online Platform, Facebook & YouTube from the safety of your home.
  • We will maintain physical distancing in our seating by each family OR social group will be seated together leaving 3 chairs in between you and the next group.  For clarity – if there are friends or extended family members you already socialize with, it’s OK to sit together in church and it helps us with our seating capacity.  Our ushers and greeters will be seating you based on the quadrant you usually like to occupy. (You’ll see when you arrive…)
  • We will refrain from handshakes, hugs, and high fives. (That’s HARD for extroverts like me!)
  • We recommend masks are worn based on the Governor’s state-wide mandate. We wear masks because we love those around us, and want to avoid any risk of unknown COVID-19 transmission.  All staff and volunteers will be required to wear a mask unless they are on the stage.
  • We will continue to offer a high quality online experience for all who prefer to worship with us from home.

Finally, I’d like to give us a little perspective and clarity as an Ascent family of faith. Remember that we’re committed to showing each other grace and love in the name of Christ. This is NOT a test of faith or ranking of spirituality by observing who attends or who doesn’t. We want to honor and respect each person and their personal convictions, based on Paul’s encouragement to us in Romans 14, on the subject of COVID-19, wearing a mask or not, and their readiness to attend a service. 


Belonging. Becoming.

Phase 1 (last week of May)

Church Online platforms
Partial re-opening of church office

Phase 2 (beginning June 1)

Church Online platforms
Encourage Base Camps & small groups to meet in homes
Added health & safety guidelines in place
Church office adjusted hours

Phase 3: beginning June 21

Public Worship Gatherings
Church Online platforms
Social distancing, health & safety guidelines in place
Church office regular hours

Phase 4: beginning August 23!

Regular Schedule with “new normal” safety guidelines and modifications
Church Online platforms

Ascent Kids re-opened, birth through 5th grade!

Ascent Student Ministries (ASM) – full weekly programming!