May 24th, 2020

Ascent Families!

We’re so excited to share with you this week’s Bible lesson and some fun activities to go along with it! This week we get to see how God is like a shepherd to us…the best shepherd we could imagine! Click on the link below to watch the lesson together as a family, then have fun with the family time questions, activity page, coloring sheets, and game!  

Download this weeks activities

Jesus Storybook Bible Video: The Good Shepherd


Family Time: Let’s Talk About It!

(find a time to talk about these questions together as a family)

  • Sheep get everything they need from their shepherd. Where do we get what we need?

  • Do you think a shepherd has to love his sheep a lot to do so much for them? What does that say about how much God loves us?

  • God tells us that His “goodness and love will follow us all of our days”. What do you think that means?

Family Game: Sheep Come Home

How much do you know about sheep? Do you know that of all farm animals, sheep need the most care. Sheep must have a shepherd and must be told what to do and where to go; otherwise they wander off and get lost. Also sheep are helpless. They cannot fight — they can only run — so they are easily caught by their enemies. Wolves are their enemies.


Choose someone to be the shepherd, someone to be the wolf, and everyone else to be sheep.

The sheep line up against the wall at one end of the room. The wolf stands in the center of the room. The shepherd waits across the room from the sheep.

Have the shepherd call out, “Sheep, sheep come home!” The sheep must crawl across the room, trying to get past the wolf to get home. The wolf will try to tag as many sheep as possible as they crawl past (you may need to find ways to make it more difficult for the wolf, i.e. a blindfold). If the wolf catches you, you are out and have to sit down.

The shepherd calls out, “Sheep, sheep come home!” and allow the sheep to crawl to your side of the room. Move to the other side of the room and repeat. Play until all the sheep are caught. Then change it up and play some more!